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Learn to Eco-Print a Scarf

Donor: Eartheart Arts

In this 4-hour session, JoAnne Dennee will teach one or two people how to apply plant color and plant impressions to fiber to make a silk scarf, throw pillow cover, or refresh your white clothing with nature's hues and forms. We will create beauty on fiber out of a sense of gratitude and respect that does not harm the Earth.

Eco-printing brings together the therapeutic energies of plants, their healing virtues, their fragrance, as well as the spiritual beauty of memory and place. When you imprint silk or other natural fabric with fresh, living herbal leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, and bark, the rich shades of natural color reveal themselves.

This process of getting color to adhere permanently to fabric can not be rushed. Suggested time of year to eco-print is during summer and fall prior to frost.

This item ends at the Benefit Silent Auction