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Signed Ballet Pointe Slippers

Donor: New York City Ballet
Value: $100

Pointe shoes are the universal symbol of the ballerina, the source of much of the magic that is ballet. Not only do they give the ballerina's leg an elongated, graceful line, they also enable her to dance with gravity-defying lightness and daring speed. But dancers must train for many years before their feet, ankles and legs are strong enough to dance on pointe.

Professional ballerinas may spend years trying to find the perfect shoe and the perfect shoemaker. Because pointe shoes have to fit like a second skin, ballerinas have their shoes made to order.

These delicate, retired shoes belonged to Kristen Segin, a member of New York City Ballet's corps de ballet. She was born in Voorhees, New Jersey, and began her dance training at the age of four at Today's Dance Center in Medford, New Jersey. She went on to study at The Rock School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ms. Segin participated in summer courses at the School of American Ballet, the official school of New York City Ballet, during the summers of 2004 and 2005, and at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School during the summers of 2006 and 2007. She enrolled full time at SAB in the fall of 2005. Ms. Segin became an apprentice with NYCB in August 2008, and became a member of the corps de ballet in August 2009.

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