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EatingWell on a Budget

Donor: EatingWell Media Group
Value: $19

Who says it has to cost more to eat well? "EatingWell on a Budget" shows you how to make nutritious dinners that everyone in the family will love and get them on the table quickly without spending more―in most instances―than $3 a person. The editors cost out the ingredients, tell readers how to get the most nutrition bang for their buck, and even show them where to splurge and where to save. The editors don’t believe in sacrificing taste, so the recipes in this book include foods like shrimp and steak, used judiciously, so they are affordable. Introductory sections look at the basics of healthy cooking on a budget and offer lots of tips and advice on menu planning, stocking your pantry, and nutrition basics. There are also great suggestions for how you can save and reuse left overs, preserve foods, and use one ingredient in multiple fresh new recipes.

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