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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Donor: Vermont Center for Psychosynthesis & Hyperbaric Vermont
Value: $120

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a powerful tool that can allow life changing healing and greater functioning for people dealing with a wide array of health challenges including inflammatory conditions, resistant infections, and non-healing wounds. It involves breathing purified oxygen while resting in a chamber. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers offer large, comfortable, bright spaces to relax in during treatment. Bring a book to read, an iPod to listen to music, a tablet or laptop, meditate or sleep comfortably. As oxygen is delivered through a face mask, the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber is gradually increased to 1.3 ATA. You and a trained staff member remain in control of the process at all times. Sessions are approximately an hour in length.

Included are an evaluation and initial treatment​ with Dr. Grace Johnstone,​ in ​Colchester​, Montpelier or East Hardwick​.​​ Grace is the chiropractor dedicated to bringing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to VT, since it cured her Lyme Meningitis. Learn more at Hyperbaric Vermon​t

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