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Fix for Grade School Driveway: $4000

Donor: *LCWS "Wishing Tree"
Price: $100
(40 available)


Adorn the branches with wishes granted…

With input from our amazing teachers, the Buildings & Grounds committee, and the Board of Trustees, our Wish List this year supports scholarships, literacy, diversity, outdoor play, care for our campus grounds and more...You can choose to make wishes come true!

Your Wishing Tree purchase amount will be added to your winnings at check-out will be entered to win a limited edition print of “Shelburne - West Village” by Emily Bissell Laird with each Wishing Tree purchase made.

Please note: Except for scholarships, proceeds from any items that are not fully funded may be reallocated to another Wishing Tree item.

Thank you for your loving support!

This item ends at the Benefit Silent Auction