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4 Guest Passes to VINS

Donor: Vermont Institute of Natural Science
Value: $62

Headquartered in Quechee, VT on 47 acres of forest, meadow, and rolling hills, Vermont Institute of Natural Science features 17 state-of-the-art raptor enclosures that house hawks, eagles, falcons, owls, and other birds of prey. In addition, the site has two songbird aviaries, which are home to a cedar waxwing and cardinal among other species. The facility includes four major centers: the Visitor Welcome Center and Nature Store, the Center for Wild Bird Rehabilitation (CWBR), the Center for Environmental Education (CEE), and the Center for Environmental Research (CER) from which operates an active Citizen Science program. VINS also has a classroom/meeting space, interpretive nature trails (one of which is ADA/ABA compliant), and a newly renovated 4-season pavilion designed for exhibits, events, meetings, and live raptor programs.

Programs at VINS are expanding all of the time. The naturally landscaped campus bustles with ongoing, stimulating, educational exhibits, events, live bird and reptile programs, activities for visitors of all ages including hiking, field trips, behind-the-scenes tours, nature camp, and environmental education programs. Among the exhibits supported by private donors and local businesses are the Birds are Dinosaurs Exhibit, Nature’s Playscape, and the Forest Exhibit.

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