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Guided Green Juice Fast

Donor: Herbs and Arrows
Value: $225

Elliot Cluba, Owner and Founder of Herbs and Arrows™ (and LCWS alumni parent) is a naturalist, wilderness awareness and primitive skills educator, fasting and detoxification consultant, herbalist, and martial arts teacher. Let him help you completely reset your physical, mental, and emotional being, with a guided fast. Fasting interrupts diseased biology, as well as diseased mental and emotional patterning that has been passed down for generations. Without the energy normally expended in digestion, the body ceases its own composting process, and its self regulating mechanism can efficiently begin to repair whichever system/s need healing. This happens as toxins are removed, dead and dying cells are digested and eliminated, and burdened organ systems reboot and upgrade.

Juice Fasting Package includes:

  • Initial Consultation and Intro to Fasting (45 minutes)
  • 7 Days Pre-Fast Mental, Physical and Emotional Preparation
  • 7 Days Guided Green Juice Fast. (JUICE NOT INCLUDED)
  • 3 Days of Support When Coming Off the Fast: begins the morning the fast is broken
  • 3 Recipes: receive 3 tailored recipes to support your continued health goals
  • Phone availability for the duration of the Fast
This item ends online on May 24, 2018 at 9:00 PM