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Theatre Supplies

Donor: LCWS "Wishing Tree"
Price: $40
(20 available)

Cost per Make-up Kit: $20-$40 | No. needed: 5

Cost per Lighting Control Console: ~$500 | No. needed: 1

*This is a "WISHING TREE" item...your "buy it now" Share(s) will go towards purchasing this for the school.

Have you been to one of our fantastic school plays? So much goes in to the preparation of our sets and our students. From lighting and sound, to costumes and make-up, both the main stage and behind-the-scenes could use some help from our community! We are wishing for new make-up kits (make-up remover too!!), and a new lighting board console. Please consider helping us bring more vibrance to the stage!

NOTE: If this item is not fully funded, all Shares will be applied to another priority "Wishing Tree" item. But let's fully fund it!

This item ends online on May 24, 2018 at 9:00 PM