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6 Months of Mindset Monthly

Donor: Practical Alchemist
Value: $280

If you love personal development, manifestation and learning about yourself, the Mindset Monthly program is for you! As parents, the greatest legacy you will leave behind for your children is your own mindset and how you have taught them to think.

Practical Alchemist is a personal development company that helps you eliminate negativity in your life and live your dreams by understanding and embodying universal laws.

In Mindset Monthly you will get monthly learning opportunities delivered to your inbox that will include:

  • 1 content audio with the transformational teaching of the month
  • 1 interview-style audio to help you understand how to "actually do" the things you are learning about
  • 1 guided meditation
  • 1 specific manifestation activity.

Topics include:

  • How to stop taking things personally
  • How to make everyone you meet a soul mate
  • How to eliminate emotional reactivity
  • How to always know what to do
  • And more!
This item ends online on May 24, 2018 at 9:00 PM