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Ogee Experience Box

Donor: Ogee
Value: $457

OGEE (a Vermont company!) is the line of beauty - a double continuous S-shaped curve representing the natural curve of the face, and embodying a youthful appearance. Founded by a collection of leaders in the fashion and beauty industry, these individuals strived to create a brand that would connect the worlds of luxury and organic. Seeking the most effective, all-natural anti-aging alternatives, Ogee’s founders searched the world for the newest discoveries in naturally derived ingredients, such as cutting-edge Edelweiss Flower Plant Stem Cells and hero ingredient, certified organic Golden Jojoba Oil.

With this exclusive Experience Box, prepare to luxuriate in ALL their products...

  • Gentle Glow Cleansing Cloths
  • Jojoba Glow Face Oil
  • Jojoba Hydration Day Cream
  • Liquid Gold Cleansing Oil
  • Seeds of Youth Serum
  • Sculpted Lip Oil – Clear
  • 4 Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil
This item ends online on May 23, 2019 at 10:00 PM