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Set of 4 Large Garden Mats

Donor: Garden Mats
Value: $110

For the garden enthusiast! Organic gardeners everywhere choose GardenMats as their environmentally friendly weed control solution. Garden Mats block out sunlight so weeds just can’t grow. But, they let air and water through to nourish your plants and promote lush, productive growth. Unlike cheap plastic or the flimsy fiber weed barriers that need to be thrown out after a single season, GardenMats are designed to last up to 10 years. That means less environmental impact, and a greater return on your investment too. Once the growing season is over, simply cut the stems of the plants that remain. Pull up the staples, shake your garden mats so they are free of dirt, roll up and store.

This package includes 4 rolls of mats, each with different hole configurations, to grow almost everything you might want. All rolls are 12' x 4':

#2, for 88 smaller plants (chards, beets, lettuce, fennel, garlic, etc.)

#5, for 33 small to medium plants (corn, potatoes, broccoli, eggplant, etc.)

#7, for 12 larger plants (tomatoes, artichoke, pole beans, kale, etc.)

#8, for 5 vining plants (melons, cucumbers, summer squash, etc.)

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