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Mid-Century Amphora Carved Vase

Donor: Schneible Fine Arts
Value: $390

This mid-century modern ceramic vase is shaped as an "amphora," a tall ancient Greek or Roman jar with two handles and a narrow neck. Coming out of the West German studio Scheurich Keramik it is probably dated 1960-1970. On a rich and slightly mottled brown background, half-relief carved figures, glazed in cream, encircle the piece with stunning and vibrant imagery. They appear to be Greek muses representing the arts and handwork (perfect for a Waldorf school!). This is a large piece, measuring 18.5" high. It would make a great floor vase or a dramatic focal piece on a table or shelf.

Donated by LCWS alumni family Anita Royer and Doug Schneible of Schneible Fine Arts, in Shelburne.

This item ends at the Benefit Silent Auction