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Cocktail Aromatics Set

Donor: Alice & the Magician
Value: $45

Cocktail Aromatics enhance and transform any drink. Handcrafted from the rarest, purest and most delicious botanicals on the planet, Burlington’s own Alice & the Magician Cocktail Apothecary provides you a special sensory treat, the Cocktail Lover’s Set.

The set consists of:

  • Autumn Bonfire
  • Rosemary & Wild Honey
  • Citrus Blossom Harvest

Alice & The Magician are chefs, bartenders and mad scientists with a passion for the perfection of flavor. Their belief is that the soul of flavor lies in aromatics, since the sense of smell accounts for up to 90% of the flavor of everything we eat and drink. Scents are powerfully linked to the memory and emotion center of our brains. Let these aromatic mists ensure that a delightful meal lives on in reminiscence for years to come.

This item ends at the Benefit Silent Auction