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Real Kids Real Food; Kids-Tested Recipies

Donor: Optimum Health Solution
Value: $15

Real Kids Real Food Kids-Tested Recipes is a fun, hands-on recipe book for parents, children and teachers, written by LCWS grandparent Betsy Bragg, of Optimum Health Solution. Included in the book are simple step-by-step instructions filled with wonderful, colorful pictures of the necessary equipment, fruits and vegetables, final food creations, and children having fun preparing the food. Over 50 recipes with the “kids’ stamp of approval” were selected for this book with a great variety of beverages, side and main dishes, snacks, and desserts! Finally, both adults and children can agree on their love of food and practice mindful eating. And the best part: no stove is needed! A blender and food processor are sufficient for many of these nutritious foods. Through this book, we want to broaden children’s exposure to making healthy choices with food, physical activity, and family involvement. All ages love these recipes.

Ms. Bragg is happy to talk with the winner of this item, and go into greater detail about the recipes.

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